About Us

Based in Limerick, Ireland Atlas Global Metal Solutions Ltd. was formed in 2008 and are primarily an end-to-end manufactured metal component supplier to businesses with a requirement for medium to high volume components. We are an ideal fit for an SME or HPSU that has metal component requirements but that does not have the expertise or resources available to design, manufacture & deliver cost effective parts necessary to keep them competitive.

Atlas Global has the necessary expertise to do this for you with all senior personnel having extensive practical manufacturing experience in the design, development, project management, manufacture and supply of 1000’s of components. Our focus is on providing a complete solution for your product lifecycle and the protection of our customers IP and confidentiality where required.

We are here to allow you to focus on other key value added parts of your business to allow it to grow and flourish.

Meet the Team

Carsten Wiegand

Co-Owner and Marketing Director of Atlas Global Metal Solution Ltd

Derek Tuite

Co-Owner and Finance Director of Atlas Global Metal Solution Ltd

Hans Wiegand

Independent Consultant